Brow Stroke Microblading

Tahira Wells ltd Brow Academy brings to the UK a new technique. ‘Brow stroke Micro blading’  tiny needles razor sharp used to create a natural hair stroke in the eyebrow. Once the hair stroke has been created semi permanent ink is inserted into the cut. There is no bleeding out or blurry lines it so simple and easy to do.
The hair strokes are immediately visible and last from two to five years. The procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete for each brow and is absolutely painless. The Hair Stroke Technique differs from the usual method of applying Micropigmentation and takes training to perfect. An experienced brow specialist only needs a single session to be able to achieve gorgeous results.

Super Brow Strokes Pigments

The traditional eyebrow pigments fade generally too fast. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Super Brow Strokes pigments. Pigments are colourfast. Brown is guaranteed not to turn red or grey.

There are five colours:

 ilah_colour1   Light Ash      Blonde     Ash blonde colour for natural look.
 ilah_colour2   Honey brown Creates beautiful dark eyebrow hairs.
 ilah_colour3   Mahogany   Warm brown color and it can be applied between pigmented hairs, if the eyebrows turn too gray. 
 ilah_colour4   Chocolate Brown Deep dark pigment for dark hair and dark look.
 ilah_colour5   Black brown   Almost black pigment, only for dark skin.

Super Strokes Pigment, price:£30.00 to  inc vat – Full kit includes 5 colours  (£1500 in total)


 ilah_hairstrokes1  Ilah_hairstrokes2 Ilah_hairstrokes