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ILAH Brow Angled brush

Professional makeup brush with a flat edge for ease of creating the perfect brow. Also can be used as an eyeline brush.


ILAH Brow kit with 6 stencils

Ilah brow kit with 6 stencils. 3 large and 3 small. Choose from 4 different colours. Also comes with a professional hand made angled brow brush which can also be used as an eyeliner. Semi permenant mineral brow Powder lasts up to 24hrs. Mineral oil makes the product waterproof.


ILAH Brow Large Stencils

Who would you like to be? Mysterious girl, Sweetie Pie or Go Getter? Who ever you are, these stencils are designed for the person who likes a fuller brow. This Autumn Winter BIG brows are so in fashion. 3 Large stencils. Each with a different arch and thickness.


ILAH Brow Stencils

Use the stencils to decide who you want to be….Hold either corner with two fore fingers, use the brow brush and rub back and forth ensuring the minerals are fully worked into the brows. 3 Brow Stencils: Glamour puss, Princess, Rock chic.


ILAH Brow Travel Kit

Comes with 3 brow powders that can be used as eyeliner/eyebrow powder/eyeshadow. A universal kit for people on the go. The brow balm is used to deepen the colours for an evening look. Use the brow balm before application of powders. The brow balm seals in colour, hydratres and protects. This little beauty nurishes the brow and is pumped with antioxidants. The travel kit also comes with 3 city stencils and a double ended brush. Whats more is our powders last 24hrs and are water proof.


ILAH Brow powders

The Ilah Brow powder is Ideal for people who like the natural look…if used lightly…or the ‘heavy look’ if used heavily. Wet the brow brush and get ‘The Wet look’ or use as an eyeliner. Comes in 4 colours, theres one to suit everyone! Our powders last up to 24 hours.


ILAH Brows Kit

Semi permenant Mineral Magic!


14 Piece ILAH Brows Kit

The Kit Includes, 9 stencils, New Ilah Brow Tweezers, Professional angled brush, Mascara wand to brush brows into place, Organza bags, One brow powder.

Ideal for keeping your brow kit organised.


ILAH Brow Balm

Use as a base/primer under eyebrow makeup. Makes powder stick better and last longer. Our new brow balm also plumps and hydrates the brow making it look thicker. Used over a tinted brow this little gem will lock in the colour molecules making your tint last for longer.


ILAH Eyebrow extension kit

ILAH  eyebrow extensions are not just to extend natural brow hairs, but also to fill in gaps. we have a glue for cancer patients and a glue for everyone else. Our 2 in1 glue has been designed by surgeons and is used to stitch people up! It sure is strong. This treatment was exclusively designed by Tahira, the first in the world back in July 2013. By November 2013 it spread like  wild fire around the world. This year March we won the European Beauty Press innovative award which we are really pleased about. Each hair is made of PBT Mink Fibre to mimics fake hair. They feel so soft. A daily mail Journalist wrote about her experience with Tahira and these brow extensions. Click the link to read the article.

Daily Mail review with Tahira and Claudia from the Daily Mail.



New ILAH Brow Pencil – Black / Smokin Hot

ILAH brow pencil ready to order here


New ILAH Brow Pencil – Dark Brown / Foxy lady

ILAH brow pencil ready to order here.