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5 Things For July

Kiehl’s; Aromatic Blends: Vanilla and Cedarwood, 100ml, RRP £52

Some may say it’s boring, but I absolutely love vanilla. Be it milkshake, cakes, sweets or fragrances and I really like this.
It’s not your typically sweet vanilla and mixed in with the cedarwood, it gives the fragrance its aromatic note. It also lasts well on your skin and is an unusual scent, attracting a lot of compliments.

This scent is part of Kiehl’s Pure Scents from Around the World range and there’s also Fig Leaf & Sage, Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit and Orange Flower & Lychee to try.


ILAH Brow Travel Kit, RRP £29.99

Advertised for the woman on the go who needs glamour in a kit, I couldn’t wait to try this out. Colours include brown, black, light brown (for blondes) and a lip and brow balm.

You also get three templates to make it super easy to fill in your brows and it was so easy, even I could do it (that’s very easy by the way)

You also get eyeliner and eyeshadow, so effectively, you wouldn’t really need anything else if you have to travel very very light.
I loved this kit and my eyebrows loved it too.


Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, RRP £17

This textured lip gel tastes delicious, like a sweet-chocolaty treat, it’s the tastiest lip gloss I’ve ever used.

Apart from that, the shade I used – Rosewood Shimmer, suited me very well and the staying power was very impressive. It’s a good colour to wear alone or with lipstick for a little extra va va voom. A good handbag item for the summer months.


Skin Shop; Dry Eye Gel, RRP £6.95

A whole number of things can cause dry and red skin around the delicate eye area, in my case it’s a rather annoying skin condition called dermatitis.

Usually when I have a flare up, there’s nothing for it but to use steroid cream the doctors have prescribed for me, but I am always willing to give other eye creams a go as it would be good to have a much healthier alternative.

This natural eye gel contains key ingredient, cardiospermum – a vine grown mostly in South American regions. Recent UK trials found cardiospermum has medicinal effects on inflammatory conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

The gel itself is non-greasy and light and was easily absorbed into the delicate eye area. Miraculously for me, it seems to be working, as the dry skin is slowly healing up. I wouldn’t be throwing out my steroid creams any time soon, but I think I may have found something to help prevent breakouts.


Skin Shop Cardiospermum Gel, RRP £9.95

Another product from the cardiospermum range. I used this product on my dry hands and parts of my face prone to dermatitis.

It does work and is light and non-greasy, but like the gel, I wouldn’t replace this from my prescription meds, but I think it I caught a break out in time and applied this, it would help prevent it.

The only problem with this gel is the smell. It’s not a very pleasant one, and it lingers on the skin, so I wouldn’t wear this before having to go out to something important, but apart from that, it does the job.

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